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Skincare | September 2022

“Welcome To The Ageless Society”: How Dr. Sister Introduced Landmark Anti-Ageing Technique To The UK

Dr. Sister began researching this extraordinary technique more than two decades ago. It was well-known in America… But not so much in this country. In fact, it was only used in facial surgery and horses! So he read up on stem cells and “growth factors.” And even developed his own injections protocol. Yet when he

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Skincare | July 2022

The 5 Best “Skin Superfoods” For Radiant, Youthful Skin

We’ve all heard the expression “You are what you eat”. And it’s true! The food you eat plays a vital role in every part of your body’s health. But it does much more than affect your waistline. What you eat has a direct effect on the biggest organ in your body: Your skin. It turns

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