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25 August 2022

REVEALED: 7 Skincare Ingredients To Avoid At All Costs

Living a healthy lifestyle is about what you put IN your body, right?

If you thought this, you’re not alone. But – thanks to five decades of cosmetic expertise – I know what you put ON your body is crucial too.

Because while you might think shop-bought moisturisers do the job…

And do it cheaply…

Artificial chemicals, fragrances, and other additives can all cause chaos with your skin. With problems including inflammation and dermatitis.

Just take a look at how most of the ingredient lists on common products. They are often long and complicated…

So they don’t help unless you know what you’re looking for! That’s why today, I’ve compiled a list of 7 skincare ingredients to avoid at all costs.

Starting with the first “skincare villain”:

Synthetic Smells

There’s nothing wrong with buying scented skincare…

But it’s important you know what kind of fragrance is being used. For instance, essential oils are perfectly “skin-safe.”

Whereas synthetic chemicals can irritate your skin. And believe it or not, companies don’t have to declare them!

That’s our products only use 100% safe, natural fragrances.


Studies show that Formaldehyde…

A colourless gas used in nail polish, hair straightening products, and lash glue…

Is carcinogenic. 2 And while more people know this nowadays…

Few people know the “formaldehyde releasers” found in skincare. These preservatives, such as:



And specific types of urea…

Release formaldehyde over time. Leaving you vulnerable to its cancer-causing effects.

And in case that’s not enough for you…

Formaldehyde has several industrial uses. Including in woodwork and textiles – where workers wear masks in the factory.


They’re one of the best-known names on the naughty list. Yet parabens help stop mould and bacteria growth in cosmetics.

So why – according to Elle – are they “skincare’s biggest bad guy”? 3 

The answer lies in your hormones. You see, studies show parabens can disrupt hormone function. And even mimic the effects of oestrogen. Which could cause infertility.

Plus, parabens can get absorbed by body tissue. Leading to concerns about a link to allergies, skin sensitivities…

And even cancer formation.

But here’s the thing. 

Parabens aren’t just bad for humans, either. Researchers have found they’re incredibly bad for the environment. Because they can seriously harm marine life…

By destroying coral reefs! 4 Through speeding up “coral bleaching”…

Which sadly slowly kills the plant.


Widely used to extend shelf life, and help skin dry out quicker…

These chemicals are found in cleansers and toners. Where they also help tighten skin and minimise pore visibility. 

But ethanol can irritate most skin types. Causing dryness, and weakened barrier function.

Which it’s crucial to keep strong. Given your skin is the “first line of defence” between you and the world.


(pronounced THAL-ates)

Better known as “plasticizers.” These nasty industrial chemicals are often used to dissolve hard plastics.

You can’t see, smell, or taste them…

But they’re found in hundreds of consumer products. Like building materials, glue, varnish, and insecticide.

But worst of all, they’re “endocrine disruptors.” 5 Meaning they mess with your hormones and organs…

And could cause other serious health problems, such as:

❌ Skin redness

❌ Nausea

❌ Dizziness

❌ Vomiting


(per- and poly-fluoroalkyls)

Typically used to smooth and condition the skin. These artificial additives are also found in carpets, firefighting foams, and non-stick pans (!)

Shockingly, a recent Harvard study 6 uncovered a link between PFAS exposure and:

Cancer 7

Liver damage

Decreased fertility

Thyroid disease

Making them one of the worst offenders when it comes to side effects and health problems.

Known as “forever chemicals” because they don’t break down in the environment…

PFAS can interfere with your hormone, reproductive, and immune systems. Which could be devastating for your health.


Aluminium is used as a thickening agent in many skincare products…

And can help stop lipsticks “bleeding.” It’s even used to treat certain medical conditions. 8

But there’s a big problem. Scientists have spotted some troubling links between this common metal and health issues like Alzheimer’s. 

So even though you’re already exposed to it through vaccines, diets, and drinking water…

You could be at greater risk of cognitive decline. As well as oxidative stress and DNA damage. 9

So there you have it.

7 “skincare villains” which are still common in cosmetics. With a shocking variety of associated health risks.

That’s why, here at Dr. Sister Skincare…

We’ll never use anything of the sort. Instead giving you the safest, most effective natural ingredients. 

With absolutely no side effects.

So you can enjoy their extraordinary benefits – with complete peace of mind.