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8 September 2022

“Welcome To The Ageless Society”: How Dr. Sister Introduced Landmark Anti-Ageing Technique To The UK

Dr. Sister began researching this extraordinary technique more than two decades ago. It was well-known in America…

But not so much in this country. In fact, it was only used in facial surgery and horses!

So he read up on stem cells and “growth factors.” And even developed his own injections protocol.

Yet when he introduced it to the UK…

Other doctors laughed at him. Calling it too “experimental.” But since then…

Several years, and more than 1,000 doctors trained and over 30,000+ scientific studies later…

It’s gone mainstream. With some remarkable results. PRP Therapy is fast transforming the medical landscape.

And helping thousands take control of their health.

But what is it?

PRP Therapy uses ingredients from your own blood to treat damaged tissues. By injecting “platelet-rich plasma” into problem areas. To fight health problems like:

❌ Arthritis 1

❌ Alopecia (hair loss) 2

❌ Tendon & ligament injuries

❌ Slow skin recovery

❌ Receding gums

And much more.

Better still, this treatment is “autologous.” Which means it contains ONLY substances from your own body…

So it’s less likely to cause side effects as no one can be allergic to its own blood! Unlike other common “solutions,” such as cortisone and hyaluronic acid.

But the best part is – it has some amazing benefits for your skin too!

Through boosting elastin levels, PRP helps tighten and thicken skin. On top of improving texture, tone, and appearance. Speeding up “vascularization” – blood vessel growth – and toxin drainage.

Making it particularly good for people with rosacea or acne. Plus, studies show it can increase collagen density by 89%. 3

Which could improve skin strength and structure.

So how does it work?

Blood plasma helps the body because it contains “growth factors” and stem cells. Proteins which promote cell repair and wound healing.

And make PRP Therapy a simple 5-step process. Here’s how Dr. Sister does it:

1️⃣ He draws blood from the patient.

2️⃣ He puts the sample in a medical centrifuge. Which spins the blood at high speed so it separates

3️⃣ He prepares the plasma for injection.

4️⃣ He uses imaging to spot “problem areas” in the body.

5️⃣ And finally, he injects the plasma.

For rapid rejuvenation. And easing skin disorders like psoriasis. 4 On top of the astounding benefits listed above.

Dr. Daniel Sister: Skincare Trailblazer

Dr. Sister was the first to use PRP therapy in the UK. These days, it’s used in aesthetic medicine and dermatology.

As well as by doctors, physios, dentists and osteopaths. Despite their early resistance to the treatment. Which is now backed up by science.

With clinical studies showing PRP helps speed up recovery and reduce time off work. 5

What Next For Anti-Ageing?

Now PRP has exploded in popularity…

Dr. Sister realised some people don’t want injections. But they do want to see the same incredible results with their skin.

That’s why he created Younger You Cellular Renew.

A “chronobiological” formula with the same benefits as PRP. Including lifted, firmer-looking skin. For a rejuvenated look- and fewer wrinkles and fine lines.

Because everyone deserves to feel beautiful.