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Author: Dr. Sister Skincare Team

As the saying goes, Rome wasn’t built overnight. And the same is true for your skin! 

Now, you’ve heard Dr. Sister say it a lot…When it comes to skincare, consistency is key.  

No matter what your skin concern or your skin type is. Staying consistent with your beauty rituals and giving yourself enough time will lead to long-lasting results.

And here’s why…


Skin Cycles

Your body loses dead skin cells and creates new ones constantly. In fact, it takes around thirty days for the new cells to be fully developed. 

And as you age this can take even longer. By the time you’re reached 50, new skin cells may need up to 60 days to complete just one skin cycle. 

This cycle can also get affected by other factors. Think of changing hormones, stress, your diet and even your environment (especially if you live in a city)…

Causing your skin to “slow down” and even your pores to clog up. 

But what does all this mean for your skincare?

Well, it’s simple. 

Since there’s new skin cells to the surface all the time, you want to keep nourishing these as best as possible. To boost your natural skin cell regeneration and keep your pores clear. 

Staying consistent with your skincare products will ensure your skin cycle is always supported

No matter what stage it’s at. 


Products Need Time

It’s not just your skin needing time…

Your skincare products start working as soon as you apply them. But because of your skin’s natural cycle, it’ll take a few weeks or even a couple of months to see clear results.

Allowing for dead skin cells to be fully removed from your skin’s surface…

And for new, glowing healthy cells to reach the top. 

So we recommend giving your products at least six to eight weeks of consistent use, before you fully evaluate the results.

And don’t forget, once you’ve seen results, it’s time to maintain them!

So stay committed to making long-lasting habits. 

Here’s what to expect:


Your Skin Is Unique

Everyone is different, so the same goes for your skin and your very own skin cycle. 

Even though some people can see results faster than others, or even enjoy clear skin without much effort…

This is not the reality for most of us. 

Different skin types, health conditions and your environment will affect your skin’s health. So take time to work out what works for you and your specific needs.

And be patient, giving your skin the daily nourishment it needs to look its best. 


Tips To Help You Stay Consistent

It’s late at night, after a busy day and the last thing on your mind is doing your skincare. You might even be tempted to go to bed with your make-up still on…

We’ve all been there. 

So here’s some handy tips to help you stay consistent, even on the days you just haven’t got the energy. 

Move up your night routine

Don’t leave cleansing and applying your products to the very last minute. In fact we recommend doing your skincare as soon as you get back home, if you can. That way you don’t have to worry about fitting it in right before bed. 

And what’s more? This will actually allow plenty of time for your skin products to fully absorb and start working, well before your face hits that pillow. 

Track your results 

Take before and after pictures of your skin. This way you can easily keep track of your progress and use these to motivate you. This is especially important before you start using a new product. 

So, we suggest taking a photo of your skin at least once a month during your skincare journey. And do feel free to share your results with us. We’d love to celebrate your success! 

Find a buddy

Partner up with a friend who may have similar skincare goals. Forming new habits together will keep you motivated and accountable. This way you can share your goals and celebrate your results together. 


It might be a cliché, but it’s true. Consistency is key

Visible results won’t happen overnight and can take anywhere between four to eight weeks. So, don’t forget: true skincare is an ongoing process. 

And there’s no better time to start looking after your skin (and yourself) than now. 

With some easy everyday changes and a simple skincare routine you can see truly amazing results. 

If you’d like to find out how to create your best skincare regime, head on over to our blog post explaining just that.

And if you’d like to take a look at our full Dr. Sister Skincare range, to fully support you on your skincare journey, click here.

So you can look your very best, well into the future…

It’s been hard to miss all the talk about Dr Sister Skincare recently. 

Across the UK, thousands of women are enjoying brighter, younger-looking skin and even-toned complexions.

But don’t just take our word for it…

We’ve received thousands of amazing stories from delighted users.  Read on to see how Dr. Sister Skincare has helped women with their different skincare needs.

Read on for the area you’d most like to target below…

Hydrated, Youthful Skin

Dr. Sister Skincare is all about powerful daily solutions, for long-term results.

And a morning and evening hydration boost is crucial for plumped, glowing skin. Using breakthrough science and premium ingredients, for long-term moisture.

Our TrustPilot has hundreds of reviews, with users seeing fantastic results like these:


“I am 64 years old and when I picked my 2 grandsons up from nursery for the first time was asked for identification as I apparently did not look old enough to be a nana.  
The same week my GP checked my record as she didn’t believe my age. She said I didn’t look a day over 50 and asked what was my secret.  
That’s twice in one week I’ve been told this and I’ve only been using Younger You for 5 weeks.  Amazing product” – Mrs. Wilkins, 64

Clear, Blemish-Free Complexion 

Dark spots and blemishes are an unfortunate part of growing older. Until now, solutions promising miracles have left women disappointed.

But Dr. Sister’s innovative approach to dark spots has given thousands of women a ‘fresh canvas’. 

Here are just some of the incredible transformations women have experienced:


“I have only been using dark spot vanish for the last month. I can already see a difference in my dark spots! I am confident that if I continue to use this product daily then I will continue to see more improvements over time.” – Liz, 59 

Smooth, Luminous Face & Body

After seeing the stellar results from Younger You, women began asking for a rejuvenating body cream.

“…Now I need some body cream because the skin on my legs needs rejuvenating!…” – Fiona Pearson, 54

“Love it! Is there a body creme!!” – F. Dixon, 60

And now, Dr. Sister has responded with a brand new formula. 

Take a look at how it lifts and tightens skin:


“Tightened the loose skin under my arms, and on my thighs. Especially in the creases behind my knees. Love it! Have been waiting for a Younger You but for the whole body for aaages” – Eva K., 52

Strong, Healthy Hair & Nails

When it comes to beauty from within, Dr. Sister has you covered.

At Dr. Sister Skincare, we take an ‘all-around’ approach to beauty. Giving women the tools they need to grow beautiful hair, skin, and nails.

Nourishing your skin from within, and growing your locks thick and luscious.

See what others are saying:

Fluttery, Thick Lashes

For fluttery lash enthusiasts – Dr. Sister Skincare has the answer.

After all, dull, stubby lashes are one of the most telling age signs. But Dr. Sister believes with care and attention, women of any age can have incredible natural lashes.

Here are some of the astonishing results:


“I’m in my 50s and have tried various lash serums, but Lash Saviour is the real deal. My lashes were becoming thinner and more brittle as I aged, and I was starting to lose hope. This serum has been a true ‘saviour’ for my lashes. They’re visibly longer and healthier. It’s like having a mini eyelash makeover in a bottle!” – Sarah H., 56


“Love it. Gave a tube to my friend and she’s hoping for results like mine. Will update in a few weeks.” – Tanya L., 48

In Conclusion…

These amazing stories remind us of the power of science-backed skincare.

It’s great to see how Dr. Sister’s breakthrough formulations have helped thousands of UK women. 

And who knows? Maybe you’ll be our next success story! 

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Finding the perfect skincare routine is crucial, especially after 50.

As time passes, your complexion can become weakened, leading to irritation and dryness. But a simple routine can be just what you need, to help you feel confident at any age!

So here’s how to create your perfect skincare ritual, step by step. 

Cleansing: A Fresh Start

Before you apply any products, always start by using a gentle cleanser…

To ensure your skin is free from any pollutants, which could cause blocked pores and irritation. 

Choose a gentle, hydrating cleanser to remove impurities without stripping your skin of its natural oils.

Cleansing will help prepare your skin for the next steps, ensuring your skincare products are absorbed effectively. 

Hydration: Lock in Moisture 

After you’ve cleansed, it’s now important to rehydrate your skin. 

A quality anti-ageing moisturiser will not only help to replenish and lock in moisture, but also target fine lines and wrinkles. 

For a “youthful-infusion”, giving your skin just what it’s craving. 

We recommend Dr. Sister’s Younger You for this step. 

Start by warming it up between fingers and then apply gently in upwards circular motions for the best results. 

Use this morning and night for best results. 

Anti-Ageing Superheroes

Now is the time to use products for specific skin concerns. Such as dark spots, acne scars, or hyperpigmentation.

For this step consider using Dr. Sister’s Dark Spot Vanish. 

Helping you get rid of dark spots and achieve an even, youthful complexion at any age. 

Apply this gently with your ring finger, to avoid tugging on any sensitive skin. Use on your face, chest, neck or any other parts of your body, as needed.

If you’d like to target  sagging, crepey skin you could choose Crepe Rewind. For a smoother, tighter look on all areas of your body, such as arms, chest or even your legs. 

Sun Protection: Shield Your Skin 

Protecting your skin from the sun’s UV rays is non-negotiable. 

So for your next step, we recommend using a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least an SPF30. 

Use this daily in the morning, after you’ve applied your moisturiser. And don’t forget to do this even on cloudy days!

To safeguard your skin from further damage and premature ageing. 

And if you want to go the extra mile…

Don’t forget your neck, chest and other parts of your body, which might also get exposed to sunlight.

Ritual for Your Eyes Only

Last but not least come your eyes, one of the most sensitive areas of your body…

And one that can quickly give away your age, if plagued with crow’s feet, dull skin and under-eye circles. 

Which is why we recommend using a light, gentle eye cream, to relieve puffiness and reduce the appearance of dark circles and fine lines.

Don’t forget to also apply this gently, using your ring finger.

The best time for an eye cream is as part of your night-time routine. As during the night your skin cells regenerate and you naturally produce more collagen…

So, combining this natural process with a targeted eye cream, will help combate signs of ageing and revitalise the skin around your eyes.

A Boost From Within

When caring for your skin, you don’t have to stick to the surface. 

So the best way to fully boost your skincare results is to also nourish your skin from within

Dr. Sister’s Inner Beauty is the perfect choice. A unique beauty enhancing formula with all the powerful nutrients your body needs…For healthy, smoother skin with just one capsule! 

And what’s more…

Inner Beauty can also help you achieve stronger, healthier hair and nails. For a younger-looking, glowing appearance from top to bottom.

Bonus Tip

Did you know thinning, dull-looking lashes and eyebrows can also reveal your age? 

These might not be part of your usual skincare routine, but with a little extra care they can truly transform your look!

For this we suggest using a natural lash and eyebrow serum as your very last step. Helping you regain thick, strong, glowing lashes and healthy, shaped eyebrows.

So why not try out Dr. Sister’s Lash Saviour serum…to help you look as young as you feel! 

Consistency: Stick to Your Ritual

As always, consistency is key to radiant, youthful-looking skin. 

So, stick to your ritual and be patient. With consistent care you will start to notice some amazing results! 

And remember: simple is best. Skincare over 50 doesn’t have to be complicated. 

By following these easy steps, which cater to your skin’s changing needs…You too can achieve a youthful, radiant look.

So you can age gracefully and confidently.

Dr. Sister began researching this extraordinary technique more than two decades ago. It was well-known in America…

But not so much in this country. In fact, it was only used in facial surgery and horses!

So he read up on stem cells and “growth factors.” And even developed his own injections protocol.

Yet when he introduced it to the UK…

Other doctors laughed at him. Calling it too “experimental.” But since then…

Several years, and more than 1,000 doctors trained and over 30,000+ scientific studies later…

It’s gone mainstream. With some remarkable results. PRP Therapy is fast transforming the medical landscape.

And helping thousands take control of their health.

But what is it?

PRP Therapy uses ingredients from your own blood to treat damaged tissues. By injecting “platelet-rich plasma” into problem areas. To fight health problems like:

❌ Arthritis 1

❌ Alopecia (hair loss) 2

❌ Tendon & ligament injuries

❌ Slow skin recovery

❌ Receding gums

And much more.

Better still, this treatment is “autologous.” Which means it contains ONLY substances from your own body…

So it’s less likely to cause side effects as no one can be allergic to its own blood! Unlike other common “solutions,” such as cortisone and hyaluronic acid.

But the best part is – it has some amazing benefits for your skin too!

Through boosting elastin levels, PRP helps tighten and thicken skin. On top of improving texture, tone, and appearance. Speeding up “vascularization” – blood vessel growth – and toxin drainage.

Making it particularly good for people with rosacea or acne. Plus, studies show it can increase collagen density by 89%. 3

Which could improve skin strength and structure.

So how does it work?

Blood plasma helps the body because it contains “growth factors” and stem cells. Proteins which promote cell repair and wound healing.

And make PRP Therapy a simple 5-step process. Here’s how Dr. Sister does it:

1️⃣ He draws blood from the patient.

2️⃣ He puts the sample in a medical centrifuge. Which spins the blood at high speed so it separates

3️⃣ He prepares the plasma for injection.

4️⃣ He uses imaging to spot “problem areas” in the body.

5️⃣ And finally, he injects the plasma.

For rapid rejuvenation. And easing skin disorders like psoriasis. 4 On top of the astounding benefits listed above.

Dr. Daniel Sister: Skincare Trailblazer

Dr. Sister was the first to use PRP therapy in the UK. These days, it’s used in aesthetic medicine and dermatology.

As well as by doctors, physios, dentists and osteopaths. Despite their early resistance to the treatment. Which is now backed up by science.

With clinical studies showing PRP helps speed up recovery and reduce time off work. 5

What Next For Anti-Ageing?

Now PRP has exploded in popularity…

Dr. Sister realised some people don’t want injections. But they do want to see the same incredible results with their skin.

That’s why he created Younger You Cellular Renew.

A “chronobiological” formula with the same benefits as PRP. Including lifted, firmer-looking skin. For a rejuvenated look- and fewer wrinkles and fine lines.

Because everyone deserves to feel beautiful.